Should Tony Ortega Apologize to Monique Rathbun and Her Family?

Tony Ortega Learns What it's Like to Sue Scientology

Tony Ortega Learns What it’s Like to Sue Scientology

Tony Ortega wrote a post today about how “frightening” it is to sue Scientology.

Monique Rathbun had a lawsuit going against Scientology for almost three years – subjecting her family to the same kind of abuse that Ortega reported about today. That’s on top of the abuse she and her family suffered from the “Squirrel Busters” for years previous to that.

And who knows what other Scientology Fair Game Monique and her family experienced, day to day, that never got reported?

And yet Tony Ortega said, very specifically, that Monique dropped her lawsuit when she was “about to win it” and that it was “costing her nothing” to keep suing the Church of Scientology.

Does it ever cost nothing to sue the Church of Scientology?

Too many of Tony’s marauding Bunkerites fell right in line with him.

Too few voices on the Post-Scientology Internet – except those who have actually sued Scientology – questioned Ortega’s reasoning about the idea that there is “no cost” to suing Scientology for 3 years – even if you are suing them on contingency.

Have even one of those Bunkerites taken Tony’s post from today and applied it to a better understanding of Monique’s legal actions back in April?

I doubt it.

That would go against the Bunkerite tribal narrative on Marty Rathbun and his family.

And we all know that one must never go against the Bunkerite tribal narrative.

You think you know someone from having read about them on the Internet. You feel so certain that you can weigh-in with the worst, most disparaging character assassinations – because the Internet makes you feel like you know enough to do so. You feel like you are informed. You feel like your opinion is an informed one.

Even when your opinion is not informed at all.

Yet all you need to do is click “SUBMIT” to spew your nasty sauce onto who ever you want.

In this way, the Internet can bring out the worst in anyone.

After he wrote his post today about what another litigant is experiencing while she is suing the Church of Scientology, shouldn’t Tony Ortega know enough to apologize to Monique Rathbun for the trouble he’s caused her for dropping her own lawsuit against Scientology?

I think he should.

Do you?


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I commented elsewhere that the Bunker was tabloid journalism. That is not quite correct. A more appropriate term may be “spectator journalism.” Think 1940s gumshoe meets TMZ. Scientology is a spectator’s sport.

Does Tony O actually care about the subject of his articles? Perhaps, but not in an altruistic, humanitarian sense.

At times he wishes to appear as an equalizer, exposing the harmful actions of the church, while seeking justice for its victims. But, often it feels like fodder for the ASC. It’s a story he can “sell” to his readers.

This criticism is not meant to devalue some of the work Tony has done. He has become the epicenter of the ASC, and has developed a network of contributors and informers, who collectively keep the ASC mill running. I read the Bunker everyday, just to see if there are any new revelations in the Scn World.

Regarding suing Scientology…Tony has been working the Scn beat for 20 years. He’s been investigated and harassed by OSA. Last year he was a victim of an email hack. He likes to tell people even his mother was the subject of investigation. Surely after 20 years of being in the Scn cross-hairs AND having amassed a lot of data from many sources, he could mount his own lawsuit against the church?

Or maybe, with all his connections, he could organize a class action lawsuit? What do you do with all the ammunition he’s stockpiled? Do you sit on it? Sell it to others who have the balls to actually sue? Turn it over to the authorities, so a real case can be made against the church to stop the abuses?

Maybe part of the problem some may have with Tony is that we want him to be something he’s not? He’s never been a Scientologist (not his fault). Subsequently, he’s never been an ex-Scientologist. He’s been OBSERVING Scn and writing articles for 20 years. This is what he is now known for. You could say it has become his career.

A pessimist could say, if the church were to collapse or reform and stop the abuses, Tony may be unemployed.


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