Mike Rinder’s Truth & Reconciliation – No Apology Needed

We here at Alanzo Critic Enterprises, Int have released our first multimedia presentation to try to explain to Mike Rinder – and all the people he worked with in the Church of Scientology – what can be done to create a Truth and Reconciliation project that can help heal the past and make up for what was done to people.

It’s grainy, it rambles, but, in the end, I believe it gets our message across. So please forgive us our trespasses and those who have trespassed against us and know that we will get better at videos as time goes on.

Here it is:

Here’s more on East German Truth and Reconciliation and what it can do for a person who goes through it.

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Virginia McClaughry
Scott Gordon

Great video, Alanzo – just the way it is.

I think you have touched on a brilliant solution, here. It would not involve hurt pride or any demand for an apology, but “just the facts – please lay them out.” I have asked, nice and innocent-like, at various times in the past, for this to be done in relation to people I care about, and have been met with cold denial or worse, outright misdirection. If it hurts to be lied to on that basis, imagine how it feels if you were a direct victim!

Gerry Armstrong found out the hard way that demanding an apology and amends – especially taking it public in a misguided tactic that could only be described as “shaming” – does not always work out too well. I am not picking on Gerry particularly, here, but pointing out that it wasn’t just Marty who may have felt backed into a corner. The rest of us could feel it, too. But the fact remains that Gerry was seriously and unfairly FairGamed and at the very least deserves to know what happened and how it was being managed. Gerry’s effort to straighten things out – however viewed by those in receipt of his communication – does not justify continued stonewalling. One could even say that even for those who’d left the church and were involved with operations against Gerry, the FairGaming of Gerry didn’t stop.

I was in OSA as a fully-trained Director of Special Affairs at my local organization level from 1999-2004 (Celebrity Center Dallas) and again from 2004-2009 (Mission of Costa Rica).

I have already blown the whistle and provided full information on a mission that I helped Sylvia Stannard (DSA Washington D.C – Hi Sylvia!) conduct against Arnie Lerma (story was posted to Facebook and ESMB). And I’ve communicated the time, place, form and event of my activities directly to Arnie. Arnie was very forgiving, and never once made me feel less for having played the dupe.

But I need to do more. I was in charge of private investigative operations against Alan Walter during my Dallas tenure and although he is no longer alive, it would have also affected people at his Knowledgism center.

I have provided disclosure to Mike and Virginia McClaughry over the local effects of their whistleblowing on the off-policy, harassing and greed-driven 6-month checks that Virginia was the first to expose, and the crackdown that ensued on the informed, upper-level parishioners in the Dallas field. I have met personally with some of the surviving members who were declared “suppressive” and FairGamed in that local “mutiny,” and disclosed all of what went on during my tenure there. (There are a few more I have not met with who may be interested in learning what I have of that story, which might be worth putting in print – although I was personally FairGamed by Int Management – while on staff as DSA! – with reverse auditing, and I’ve told that story on my Watchful Navigator wordpress site.)

Full disclosure is very important. It is the power of Truth. It is actually more valuable and more cathartic than a blanket apology, even if it comes with no apology. This is why I fully support your idea as it is the best solution for both sides and for all concerned.

Virginia McClaughry

Yes, the power of truth. We did exactly what Scott is talking about here to Rinder, just asked for the facts, the details and even made clear that we weren’t interested in punitive action or anything other than “tell me the truth” of what you know. I don’t believe in forgiveness as most people think of it, because I have observed in others that if they do anything less than taking responsibility to all the individuals they can reach, and try to “move on” – they’re still in denial and THAT is what led the person into the whole mess in the first place.

Scott did tell me years ago what he knew from within the church, that we had a HUGE impact in what we did, and that he feels that would not have lessened since we left, and if anything, increased. I’ll never forget that he was willing to tell me about it, and if you ask him, you’ll find out that I did not shame him for what he had done or demand amends or take punitive action.

Scott is an amazing man who really does care about people, ANY people, and his heart comes through clear and strong. He LIVES his heart, he doesn’t just talk about it.



Respect to you for being willing to be straightforward, I hope it will be an inspiration to others

Scott Gordon

I’d like to add that I have noticed the Fair-Gaming of Mike and Virginia McClaughry has never stopped, and it is especially important to get information on this from someone who might be willing to come forward in present time, as well as any relevant history that connects to this present campaign.

The irony is that a large part of this FairGaming (in the form of active, sometimes vicious shunning) seems to be coming from people outside of the church who claim to be championing the case against FairGame!

Virginia McClaughry

Amen to that, Scott. Amen.

Thank you for pointing this out, and it’s true. Not only has it never stopped, it has become so much worse that its literally beyond most people’s imagining, especially in recent times, but that’s all I’m going to say about that right now.


isn’t the real truth that we as members were to supposed to go clear and then OT. Isn’t that the real truth that clear and OT are lies?

Lone Star

Yes I hafta agree that the state of clear and OT are lies. But the state of delusion is very real.

Ha! State of OD. Operating Delusionist.


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