Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage” for Scientologists

I practice my video and sound design skills while talking about Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa.

Sorry to put you through this.

But I have to practice somehow.

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Ah…Alanzo…now you’re talking. As a life-long, card-carrying Zappa fan, I whole-heartedly agree. Rarely does a musician weave so much wisdom in their work. From my experience, with Zappa, like Jazz, the listener is either going to “get it” or they’re not. Fortunately, I “got it” when I was 17 (and I still got into Scn, maybe I didn’t listen enough).
For the uninitiated, I would also recommend Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation, and if you’re really brave…Zoot Allures. Someone once told me that Cosmik Debris was written about Scn and Hubbard, I don’t have any proof of that, but I like to think its true.
Zappa had a finely tuned bullshit detector; not surprising he would devote an entire album to Scn.

Virginia McClaughry

What program are you using? Is it available online? I have been looking for something better than MovieMaker but I don’t want something too complex, at least at first. Baby

John Doe

Okay. Yeah. Frank Zappa. While I always yearned to be able to get into Zappa as were a lot of my pals back in the day, he just never pinged in any big way with me.

Yeah. Zappa and Firesign Theater. Never quite resonated.

So I guess this admission here will be cause for excoriation, like saying something like, “I had a win from Scientology” over at ESMB?


Interesting, Doe. I also got heavily into Firesign Theater. Maybe it was the drugs? 🙂

Lone Star

This is off topic so I chose this thread. In case you missed this Jenna Elfman tried to do a promo on live Reddit…..and….it didn’t go well for her. To say the least. Lol…. Those Reddit guys are hilarious.


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