Behind the Scenes at ESMB and The Underground Bunker

Two ESMBers struggle to understand what just happened.

A group of Bunkerites get revenge on a hated adversary.

2 ESMBers puzzle over something someone wrote, and plan to rip them to shreds later when they get the chance.

They lure the unsuspecting rube into a Skype-ripping.

One young Bunkerite feels his expectations have not been met in some way, and prepares to vent his spleen at the bastard.

Her neural pathways fixed and inflexible, someone had a new and different idea about something she’d never heard of, and it pains her to consider it at all.


Zeke & Martha of Bunkerville

Zeke & Martha of Bunkerville

Bunkerites Zeke and Martha discuss Tony Ortega and Marty Rathbun.

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Created by Alanzo