Andy Nolch and Alanzo: Thinking the Worst of Yourself As a Scientologist

Andy Nolch of the Independent Scientology Podcast continues his interview with me.

We discuss what made me leave Scientology and Andy answers the question: Why are 15 year olds handling grown-ass adults in Scientology as ethics officers?

Also we talk about Andy Fair gaming Chris Shelton. How skepticism and is compatible with Buddhism. And we also discuss Michelle Sterling and the history of ESMB, the rise of Anonymous, Imprinting as an Ex-Scientologist, Pete Griffiths and the Facebook group SPs-R-Us, and thinking the worst of yourself as a Scientologist.

I’m trying to schedule Andy for another interview – this time me interviewing him as a newly out-of-the-Church Independent. I’m curious to see how sees himself as a Scientologist and what he’s trying to achieve. I have lots of questions for him from my viewpoint as an Ex Ex Scientologist.

See more of Andy Nolch at his Youtube channel:

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Alanzo, I have listened to first 3 minutes. Hubbard wrote in PL’s that one is supposed to use credit as a secondary means to get oneself out of trouble, as a cushion, but using credit to buy services is a no no in hubbard’s eyes. It was supposed to be cash only. As buying services for auditing and training is supposed to make one more able, and those make one more able to afford this Bridge to Total Freedom.

Hubbard said you are a sitting duck if you do not know the PL’s.

So, my question is did you know those PL’s or not at the time?


There are a lot of things to consider in this segment. I’ll just start out by saying that if I take scn up until the death of LRH in 1986 as Version 1 of scn and after that as Version 2, then other than a carrying forward (probably) of most of the basic auditing processes, then there are huge differences in the way scn was presented and sold. I blew scn around 1983 and had never experienced crush regging, invasive sexual interrogation and the list goes on.

Maybe “Independents” try to take it back to “the way it was”, but that still brings up the discussion of the pros and cons of the subject itself. Like I said, there are a lot of other things on the segment to discuss, but hearing Alanzo speak about his confrontation with the reges brought that to mind.


It is interesting to me how often people speak of the moment when they began to question Scientology as “waking up” or “I began to wake up”. That really fits into a hypnosis model.


the moment is actually when a individual says to themselves, I don’t agree anymore. And they finally research other opinions.


I love your response to the guys trying to pressure you into buying an OTIII package.

This is something I think a lot of people can relate to under heavy sales tactics. Unfortunately those sales tactics work on a lot of people.

You have any posts or interviews of you talking about your time as an ethics officer?


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