Andy Nolch & Alanzo Continued: How Tolerant Are You Of Other Peoples’ Ideas?

This next snippet shows how much of a critical thinker Andy Nolch is. And again, it really shows the important difference between an Independent Scientologist and a Churchie.

We present ideas to each other from different viewpoints, and the result is a great conversation. We began by talking about the unreasonable positions of Atheists, and then get into our views on the creation of the Sea Org and other ideas about L Ron Hubbard, his death, and Sarge’s statements about him.

We even get into hypothesis testing. And lots more.

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Interesting points I took from this:
-Maybe, at the end of his life, LRH was a bitter apostate.
-There is hope for this young man, he is struggling to understand his world.
-Alanzo can be the “voice of reason”

Claire Swazey

I talked to Larry Brennan about that. Larry (later, Denise) said LRH died raving about “demons” (bts). Was not doing well at the end.


I’m not sure why the animosity against atheists. They don’t believe there is a God. No big deal. They do believe in many other things, beautiful things. Some of the things they believe are as amazing as God.


Laughter!! – “The Thursday Afternoon Apostate Meeting”. My Metamucel ain’t working today so I felt like tearing into atheists. Alanzo thinks Sam Harris, the world famous atheist, has big cajones. I could go on.

The problem with atheism is that one life to live and then lights out is dull. I’d rather find or invent something more exciting. Elcon did it for himself and others, sort of.

I’m trying out “Alanzoistic Scientologyism”. Okay that’s enough from me. “End Of Trolling Session!”


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